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Pterygium surgery is designed to remove a benign growth called a pterygium from the eye. A pterygium is a “wing-shaped” growth that covers the surface of the eye. It is believed that pterygia are a result of prolonged sun exposure. This problem frequently affects people who were raised in a hot, sunny climate.
If you have a pterygium, your eyes may feel irritated, appear red, and water. It may also feel as if there is something in the eye.

Small pterygia can be treated with eye drops. A large, irritated pterygium may require surgical removal.

There are a variety of surgical treatments devised to treat a bothersome pterygium. The simplest approach is to merely remove the pterygium. Unfortunately, according to the scientific literature, 30% of pterygia will recur after this “simple” type of excision.

To lessen the chance of recurrence, Dr. Gross applies a tissue graft to the area that is exposed after pterygium excision. This reduces the recurrence rate by 67%.

Dr. Gross performs all pterygium surgery in the operating room. Typically it can be performed under a local anesthetic with intravenous sedation. An overnight stay in the hospital is not required.
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